Michelle's Slim By Nature Video Review

in Mar 16, 2017

Please meet Michelle, 56 from Melbourne.   Michelle joined the Slim By Nature Body Slimming Detox Program after experiencing weight gain following menopause.  Michelle has recorded this Slim By Nature Video Review after great success on the program.

At menopause, many women experience significant weight gain, particularly around the belly area. Contributing factors to weight gain during menopause include decline in oestrogen levels, natural loss of muscle tissue due to aging and lifestyle factors such as diet and lack of exercise.


Body Slimming Detox 

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Hello, my name is Michelle. I live in Melbourne. I'm originally from Durban, South Africa. I am 56 years old.
I was a bit overweight and felt really conscious of it, because I always tried to keep myself slim and healthy. But the weight just crept on, and I think that was due to menopause.
About a month before Christmas, I just went on the scale and I was like four kilograms up, and I couldn't understand where it's coming from, and that's when I decided to do something.
I tried different diets. I did the dieting that you see in the supermarkets. I did the shakes. I also tried the cumin water, because I thought that cumin water was good for you.

So every day, I would soak my cumin seeds, and it made me sick, so I just stopped having that. I also checked on Facebook there were a lot of other diets. There was gyms to join, a lot of other diets, but if somebody click on it, it would count a roundabout way to never get to the point. And I really gave up.
I gave up hope, and then one day I was going through Facebook and I saw this SBN ad come up, and it asked who wants to be on this 28-day challenge? And I thought, "Give it a go."

But I was, in back of my mind, I thought, "It's going to concern going to the gym," which I don't like the gym. I've never been to the gym because I've always felt going to the gym, if you give it up, that's when you have problems. So I never...gym wasn't much... I liked to go walking, I'd go dancing.

I just said, "Yes, I'd like to be on the 28-day program." So they made an appointment to call me and Katrina... I remember Katrina called me. And I was so nervous to speak to someone about my diet and my weight because it's just not something nice to speak about.  So she made me feel so comfortable. She spoke about different diet, the different diet programs to go onto. And I chose the 43-day because I really needed that, between 10kg and 15kg to lose.

A few days later, my stuff was in the mail. I started this program, the actual detox program on the ninth of the first this month, this year. The first week went by, which I really battled with to keep to the diet because you were constantly feeling hungry. I lost five kilograms and that's when I just pushed it.

I started really getting into this program and really enjoying it. And the support from the other ladies was magnificent. We'd share recipes. We'd come out with new ideas how to eat different food, and it was really tasty because you were eating a grass-fed meat. Very tasty and very filling. And the next thing I knew it, I was just...every day, you were just constantly losing weight. It was like...it was exciting to get up in the morning to get onto that scale and realizing that, oh my gosh, you've lost something.

At this moment, I've lost 13 kilos in all, which I'm very happy about.  I'm weighing between 71 and 70.9 kilograms, and I'm on last week of maintenance. I'm very strict with myself, very, very strict with myself. I actually started drinking black coffee, which I enjoy. I don't even think I'm going to go back to having milk in my coffee.

Fantastic. I would recommend this to my friends. In fact, I'm always messaging my friends, "Please join this group. You need to join this group."  But I get negative answers as well, and all these questions, and all this, like, "Get onto the group and speak to someone. Someone is always there to help you."

And the best part of it was actually learning to cook and eat healthy food. And you don't need to snack because the foods that you are cooking is...there's no place for snacks.

I really like to thank SBN. It was a real good journey, and I'd do this again. I would do this again. And I will recommend this to everybody I meet. I actually went to a blood test today and there was I telling the lady about SBN and I said, "Get on and just get onto the Facebook Group and just Like their page and just follow them."

Anyway, I have to get to work now. So it was really nice chatting to you.

You all have a great day. Thank you.

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