Julia's Slim By Nature Video Review

in Mar 22, 2017

Please view Julia's video review,    Julia is a repeat client of Slim By Nature and has experienced repeated success using our Body Slimming Detox Program.

Julia's big challenge has always been balancing a busy, inflexible shift working pattern with healthy eating.  Often shift workers just don't get the time or opportunity to create healthy and tasty meals ready for work.

Julia has found a way to re-educate herself about the value of maintaining the correct diet and managed to lose 7kg in just a couple of weeks!

I've done the Slim By Nature Detox Program twice now, most recently in the last couple of weeks.

I've lost seven kilos and it's really helped me re-educate myself on the right food at the right time and the right amount.  As a busy shift worker, you tend to inhale huge amounts of quantity of food at any given time.

What I loved about the eating program was the simplicity of the food. You're not hungry and you don't crave the sugars, the carbs, the processed foods like you normally would. It's just simple, good, wholesome food that really gets you going throughout the day.

I'd definitely do it again, definitely recommend it to my friends and family.  It is such a good program to do.  Not only do you lose weight quickly and you see those results quickly, which is very encouraging for anyone.  You feel so good about yourself.  You sleep better, you know, your eyes sparkle, your skin glows.  It's just magic.

On my next round of Detox, I'm really looking forward to getting those last five kilos off and consolidating all the good and permanently wonderful new eating habits that I've created by following the program.  I've even studied a very short introductory course in nutrition, which has helped me gain a lot more education and insight into why we eat and how we eat and how we can benefit from it.