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Slim By Nature is a holistic health and well-being company – tailored specifically to suit women, ran by women.

The company was established in Australia, 2012 by Zhanna Gee and since then the company has drastically grown and accumulated a reputation for being experts in the field of detoxing and empowering women.


Zhanna has found a gap in the market where women were too ashamed to go on a “DIET” or do a “WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM” due to the fast-growing culture of “NO BODY SHAMING”. There are still growing numbers of women who are depressed about the way they feel and how they look. Many such women, will attempt some kind of diet without any form of education or even support from friends & family. Often our support networks merely confirm, “you don’t need to lose weight” – even when we know that we do. “Diets” attempted under such circumstances are bound to fail.

It is Slim By Nature’s mission to help these women.

Driven by passion and desire to nurture, educate and empower women on their journey to a healthier life this led Zhanna to create a simple, organic, three-step program, The Body Slimming Detox.

Focusing on empowering women and supporting them in all aspects of life, our natural and effortless three-step program transforms your mind, body and soul. As you burn unwanted fat, our products support you towards living your healthiest and happiest life.

Our holistic approach is a complete program of nurture and support for your body – allowing you to radiate your beauty from within.

Our Philosophy is simple:


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From day one, our vision has always remained constant – to empower women, promote positive body-image, strengthen confidence, and altogether heighten a positive well-being for a happy and fulfilling life.
We seek to nurture and celebrate every woman in her unique body, shape and size – with no age limit. Our programs have been tailored to help you in your journey to optimum health and we offer incredible products that propel that journey. By providing women with a supportive environment through our unique products, flexible programs and friendly free support, we have already helped thousands of women around the globe blossom and grow into a harmonious body, mind and soul.
Our mission is to impact 1,000,000 women within the next 4.5 years, and we are one step closer thanks to you.
With a passion for helping others, and connecting back to the basics of self-love and self-care; we are here to guide you every step of the way. The entire Slim By Nature team is working endlessly to provide you with amazing products and unconditional support to make your health journey better and more blissful.


Our products are holistic, organic and cruelty-free; meaning we do not test on our furry friends! All our formulas are made with the highest quality ingredients – making each product a groundbreaking, high-standard, Australian formulation.
Our products are proven to work by our thousands of happy clients, plus comprehensive user trials conducted before we launch all our products. Our unique formulas were created through decades of experience and expertise by leading naturopaths, herbalists and nutritionists.
We supply a wide range of products for our clients including health foods, functional foods, liquid herbals, including homeopathics. All our products that we source are manufactured in a fully HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified manufacturing facility with open-door policy to our potential partners. To ensure a product is of the highest quality, efficacy, purity, and potency we work only with suppliers and manufacturers who have a proven track record of quality health products and either work closely with quality assurance team or have full-time assurance team in-house. Slim By Nature products and their history, all align with our focus on using wholly and solely, ethical and cruelty-free ingredients and methods.
Slim By Nature is an Australian brand, and all our products are proudly made in Australia – manufactured and formulated to the highest standards in a HACCP Certified Facility.
We pride ourselves in working with the highest quality wholesome ingredients, and never use GMO ingredients.
Slim By Nature products are packaged in eco-friendly materials. Our detox range is packaged in recyclable, dark amber glass that provides excellent UV protection for the contents inside. We also use a biodegradable, one-of-a-kind alternative to plastic bubble wrap – which truly resonates with our all-natural consciousness.

Conscious Social Mission


In the last six years, we have helped over 30,000 women to change their lives, improve their body image, lifestyle and mindset through our outstanding products, ongoing support and education. We have witnessed thousands of truly amazing and inspiring real-life transformations.


We are OBSESSED with helping and empowering women and seeing the effect it has on their families, and loved ones brings us greater joy. We are BELIEVERS that each woman is unique, beautiful and has something to give and share with the world.


Slim By Nature supports our community by offering a percentage of our profits to notable charitable organisations. We support Rize Up Australia – a community-driven organisation of passionate men and women, dedicated to helping the many families affected by domestic and family violence. In doing so, we hope to impact not only our clients positively but also a wider and more global community.

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