What to Consider Before Doing a Detox Diet

in Jun 19, 2021

What to Consider Before Doing a Detox Diet

What is a Detox Diet?

With the Australian population experiencing a substantial increase in the prevalence of obesity (1), the interest in finding natural weight loss solutions has simultaneously grown. One method of weight loss that has become popular in recent years is the ‘detox diet’. 

Although every program is different, a detox usually involves the restriction of food intake to a certain degree in order to enhance detoxification of the liver and thereby achieve natural fat loss. Although there is no question that reducing caloric intake will result in fat loss (3), there is still some debate as to whether or not the body can actually be ‘detoxified’. Here at Slim By Nature, we are more than happy to provide some clarity on the subject!

How Does a Detox Diet Work?

The body has multiple channels of elimination that all function to filter and rid the body of toxins, free-radicals and waste. While many detox programs purely target the colon (i.e. needing to pass a bowel motion), Slim By Nature programs also work to optimise liver function, balance hormones, enhance metabolism and stimulate digestion for a truly holistic detox and enhanced results. We also provide framework and resources to reduce toxic load and stimulate channels of elimination in order to make the job easier. The following factors play key roles in the body's ability to detoxify:


Whilst certain foods cannot necessarily ‘detox’ us, they can make it easier for our elimination systems (particularly the liver) to undergo natural detoxification processes, which in turn will detox the body. The more simple and wholesome we eat, the easier it is for our bodies to break down food and absorb its beneficial nutrients (4). By prioritising clean whole food during a detox, we use less energy, acids, enzymes, bile and time to digest our food, allowing our system more space to heal, cleanse and repair.


Although our original program Body Slimming Detox is tailored to complement more sedentary lifestyles, some level of movement is beneficial to support the detoxification process. For those who do participate in more strenuous exercise which they wish to keep up throughout their detox; such as running, crossfit, and heavy resistance training, we recommend our Active Program Active Program with Active Patches. This program has been designed to both encourage and support intense exercise by catering to higher nutritional requirements, promoting recovery, and prioritising exercise longevity.

Moving our bodies- weather through intense or light exercise- simultaneously promotes the movement of blood and lymphatic fluid, which flow towards our muscles and organs (carrying oxygen, nutrients and antioxidants), and then away (removing waste and toxins via the liver and other channels of elimination). Physical movement also promotes waste removal via the skin (sweat), the lungs (through enhanced breathing) and the bowels (by enhancing the quality and quantity of beneficial bacteria) (6).

Where do the ‘toxins’ in our bodies actually come from? Along with dietary intake of highly processed and inflammatory foods, environmental toxin exposure is also a significant player when considering our overall toxic load. Plastics, pesticides, chemical cleaning products, skincare (including moisturiser, makeup and deodorant), and environmental toxins (such as pollution, cigarette smoke or heavy-metal ladent workplaces) should all be considered (7). It is important to reduce our exposure to these environmental toxins for our overall health and longevity, particularly during a detox! Below are 3 easy to implement changes to help reduce toxic load:

  1. Choose natural cleaning and beauty products or have fun making your own!

  2. Consider choosing organic or spray-free produce, or grow your own herbs and veggies at home!

  3. Steer clear of plastics where possible and make every effort to avoid heating food in plastics (8).

Commitment and Considerations

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the body's natural detoxification processes and how to support them, let’s learn more about what's involved in a detox program!


The time it takes for the body to heal and optimise itself is highly variable and depends largely on the individual. Our programs range from 12 days 12 DAY TRIAL KIT, 26 days 26 DAY STARTER KIT, 43 days 43 DAY COMPLETE KIT and 60 days 60 DAY ACCELERATED KIT . The period of time best suited to each individual depends on health goals, current eating habits, age, and movement levels. To discover which program will best help you successfully reach your goals, take our quiz! Which SBN Detox Program is right for you? TAKE A QUIZ.

Tracking and Monitoring

Completing a detox is made easy with the help of Slim By Nature! Our programs are straightforward and clearly laid out. They focus on simple, whole food and come with additional calendars/journals to help monitor your journey. You may also choose to use a simple calorie tracking app during Phase 3 Maintenance to help ease back into a lifelong wholesome way of living.

Pros Vs Cons

There are countless possible benefits to completing a detox program. Many detoxes focus purely on weight loss and neglect the many other important benefits of detoxification. Our programs at Slim By Nature utilise a truly holistic approach to reignite balance within the body. In turn, our programs help to not only achieve weight loss (if this is your goal), but may also promote happier moods, glowing skin, enhanced digestion, increased focus- the list goes on! Other benefits of Slim By Nature are that we make the process easy to follow, rigorous exercise is not required to produce results, and we help to ensure life-long positive changes! We also have the added benefit of a supportive online community and access to our Nutrition professionals to help uplift you through the process!

People often consider fitting the restricted eating of a detox around their busy schedules as a ‘con’, and use this as a reason to not allow themselves the opportunity to detox. Comparative to the life-long improvements you'll achieve, the time taken to actually complete the detox is extremely short! The sooner you’ll start, the sooner you’ll finish and be able to enjoy your more vibrant, healthy existence!


You may notice a reduced frequency of bowel motions during detox, however take comfort in knowing that bowel movements every 3 days are considered completely normal during a detox. Be sure to drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters) and use our 123 TEATOX during this time as additional support. Headaches or dizziness may also be experienced during a detox as the body adjusts to the positive changes you are making. Drink plenty of water and be sure to visit your doctor if these persist for more than 7 days. Very rarely some women may experience leg cramps or a minor rash, which may occur due to the lowered intake of potassium during the detox. If you are experiencing these symptoms, please consult your doctor for recommendations.

Post-detox plan

Our programs at Slim By Nature follow 3 simple phases: ‘Loading Phase’, ‘Detox & Fat Burning Phase’, and the ‘Maintenance Phase’. The final ‘Maintenance Phase’ is based on the principle developed by Layne Norton (PhD) that involves gradually adjusting metabolism upwards over time after a period of fat loss (9). By slowly increasing caloric intake we are able to gradually rebalance hormones and metabolic rate back to pre-detox levels (10). This in turn helps to ensure that any fat that’s been lost throughout your journey doesn’t creep its way back.


When considering completing a detox, it is essential to understand the body's natural detoxification abilities, ways to support these, and the process involved in completing a detox program. At Slim By Nature we make the process easy and achievable with simple food intake, no exercise requirements and access to loving support to help you reach your health and wellness goals!


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