Benefits of a Detox Diet

in Jun 28, 2021

Benefits of a Detox Diet

 The popularity of diets and specialised eating patterns has boomed as more and more Australians become concerned with their current health status. This unease is highlighted in the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey, which showed that two thirds (67.0%) of Australian adults were overweight or obese (12.5 million people- an increase from 63.4% in 2014-15) (1). The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare also reports that about one third of Australia's energy intake comes from discretionary food, and that approximately 90% of Australian adults do not eat enough vegetables! (2)

These statistics highlight the need for not just weight loss strategies, but long term diet and lifestyle changes to instill healthy habits. Participating in a Slim By Nature (SBN) Detox program can help to not only accelerate weight loss, but also reshape your relationship with food and promote the development of positive habits to see you through a long, healthy and happy life!

How Does a Detox Diet Work?

Although every program is different, a detox usually involves the restriction of food intake to a certain degree in order to enhance detoxification of the liver and thereby achieve natural fat loss. At Slim By Nature, our detox programs combine a targeted whole food eating plan with natural drops and/or patches to both stimulate burning and support the body through the detoxification process.

The body has multiple channels of elimination that all function to filter toxins, free radicals and waste, and then rid them from the body. While many detox programs predominantly target the colon (i.e. needing to pass a bowel motion), SBN programs may also work to optimise liver function, balance hormones, enhance metabolism and stimulate digestion for a truly holistic detox and enhanced results! We also provide framework and resources to reduce toxic load and stimulate other channels of elimination in order to make the job that much easier.


There are many benefits to gain from participating in a SBN program! Let’s learn more about some that could be awaiting you!

Rapid Lasting Weight loss

It is well documented that restricting calorie intake for a period of time will result in weight loss (3); most of us have heard of the old energy in vs energy out’ theory which goes some way to explaining this process. However, did you know that a SBN detox supports weight loss through a number of other holistic, long-lasting mechanisms? Our approved food plan is designed to not only manage caloric intake (which also promotes anti-ageing), but to also reduce the load on our digestive system and liver. This in turn enhances the body's ability to remove toxins, excess hormones and stored fat.

Our programs also include natural, homeopathic drops and/or transdermal patches that enhance fat burning by supporting the production of naturally occuring hormones which tell the hypothalamus in the brain to trigger the release of abdominal fat sores. The key amino acids in this blend, including L-Carnitine, have been shown to promote fat burning by releasing stored body fat (triglycerides) and facilitating their use in cellular energy production (4). Our holistic drops also support weight loss by regulating hunger, cravings and blood sugar levels.


According to a 2008 report by the CSIRO, At least 50% of Australian adults experience unpleasant gut symptoms such as bloating, gas and constipation (5). Interestingly, overweight or obese individuals are more likely to experience poor gut health- our health and wellness is so intertwined!

Digestive symptoms (such as gas, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhoea) are signs from our bodies that the gut is not functioning optimally. If food is not effectively digested it may begin to ferment, release inflammatory byproducts and even cross our gut lining into the circulatory system. Once in our blood stream, these damaging compounds can be sent to other organs/systems of the body and cause damage. Studies continue to show the link between distress in the gut and conditions of the brain (i.e. depression and anxiety (6)), skin (e.g. psoriasis (7)), liver (including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (8)) and joints (specifically rheumatoid arthritis (9)), as well as compromised immune function (10).

Our SBN detoxes are designed to enhance digestion in two major ways:

  1. Drops and/or transdermal patches: Our targeted, natural drops and/or transdermal patches contain herbal and homeopathic ingredients that down regulate gut inflammatory responses (11), balance healthy bacteria and promote healing of the digestive tract (12).

  2. Food: The ‘Approved Foods List’ on our SBN detoxes has been designed to reduce the load on our digestive systems. By consuming a diet high in fibre and simple whole foods, our digestive processes can occur much easier. This allows the body to feed beneficial gut bacteria, reduce fermentation and save energy on acid and enzyme production (13). This energy can then be used to repair the integrity of the gut lining, reduce inflammation, detoxify the liver and enhance other healing processes.


Energy- most of us want more of it but struggle to find it! In fact, according to a 2018 survey by the US National Safety Council, more than two-thirds (69%) of people experience workplace fatigue (14). Participating in a SBN detox can be an extremely effective way to gain more energy. Unlike coffee or other stimulants- which act more like a ‘bandaid’ by providing a temporary rush- the energy cultivated during a detox can stick with you for life!

The truly holistic nature of our SBN detoxes means that we prioritise enhancing bodily functions and homeostasis along with weight loss. Our programs work to enhance liver detoxification, which in turn allows the liver to more effectively regulate the production, storage, and release of substrate for energy generation (15). Physiological factors affecting fatigue often begin in the gut, which is responsible for absorbing and transporting key energy related nutrients (15). Our targeted natural drops and/or transdermal patches provide additional support by supplying the body with a range of Amino Acids that are essential for protein synthesis and energy production (16).

Our programs not only enhance energy levels through the stimulation of liver function, they also optimise digestion and absorption (as detailed above). This means that more nutrients are available to enter the bloodstream and be utilised to produce energy that can then be released to target organs in need (15).


An increasing body of research links dietary changes to improved skin quality, and even identifies the ability of targeted eating patterns to treat conditions such as acne, atopic dermatitis, aging skin, psoriasis, and rosacea (17). Certain nutrients, foods, or dietary patterns may act as disease "triggers" for skin ageing and conditions, while others may promote significant improvements and healing (17). The highest benefits have been found in eating patterns that are centered around the consumption of whole foods- which is exactly what our SBN eating plan involves!

By consuming a natural diet of vegetables, protein and fruit, we are able to provide the body with higher levels of nutrients and antioxidants. These compounds directly reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the skin, which in turn slows the skin's physical ageing process and reduces signs of decline (18). A whole food diet also helps to eliminate harmful toxins (carcinogens and gerontotoxins) from our bloodstream that are well known accelerators of cellular skin aging.

Interestingly, research also indicates that following this style of eating can actually lengthen telomeres! Telomeres are the protective coating on the ends of our DNA threads that function to protect DNA (in a similar way to how our shoelaces are protected by the plastic tips on their ends). Normally, Telomeres naturally shrink with time and age, so the ability to a whole food diet to actually lengthen telomeres signifies that this way of eating has the potential to reverse ageing (18).

Another component of SBN detox programs relevant to skin health and anti-ageing is managing caloric intake. Although calorie restriction is sometimes condemned in the media as a ‘quick fix’, research shows that calorie restriction is beneficial for so much more than just rapid weight loss; it is one of the most effective anti-aging interventions in mammals (19). Research shows that periods of restricted caloric intake can significantly increase toxin removal from the body and therefore help to combat one key theory that ageing is a result of declined detoxification capabilities and therefore an accumulation of toxic compounds (19).


Completing a SBN detox will not only enhance your physical health, but also your mental and emotional wellbeing! The process allows you to reconnect to your body through understanding hunger cues, learning new wholesome eating patterns and providing your body with the nourishment and healing it deserves! This also brings about a significant sense of accomplishment and pride, which will likely act as your ally to achieve life-long wellness success! 


There are so many benefits to be gained from a Slim By Nature Detox! Even those who have joined the program with the sole focus to achieve a healthy weight are delighted by the bonus improvements to digestion, skin, energy and emotional health that come hand in hand with rapid and long lasting weight loss!























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