The Fight Against Cellulite

in Nov 25, 2020

The Fight Against Cellulite

Don’t be ashamed of it, most of us have it! Whether it’s on our bums and legs, or even on our tummies and upper arms… it’s something many of us live with. 

Cellulite occurs when our skin just isn’t firm enough to hold our body fat in place, so the pockets of fat subsequently appear to protrude through the structural layers of our skin - causing those pesky lumps and bumps. 


There’s no clear answer to why we have cellulite starts, but it’s predominantly caused by a few reasons: 

  1. Loss of circulation to the area - perhaps caused by a lack of exercise or too much sitting. Poor circulation reduces the body’s ability to support the structural layers of our skin with oxygen and nutrients needed to prevent cellulite formation. Go ahead, feel the area of your body that has the most cellulite, I bet it’s cold! 

  2. A sluggish lymphatic system - contributing to poor circulation and poor detoxification 

  3. Hormonal changes - our hormones impact the amount of fat we store, the quality of our skin and connective tissue health. So when hormonal changes occur, it’s more common to start noticing cellulite.

  4. Lifestyle choices - smoking, excess alcohol, lack of exercise and poor diet

All of these things affect the body’s healthy connective tissue structure, detoxification processes and circulation which can all increase the appearance of cellulite. Although there’s no miracle cure for it and your cellulite may never disappear completely, there are lots of things we can do to help reduce its appearance, by boosting collagen production and supporting lymphatic drainage… especially whilst we’re losing weight.

For the best results, try combining 1 or more of these helpful ‘Outer’ techniques with as many ‘Inner’ techniques as possible: 




  • Flush out the toxins that can contribute to cellulite with a Body Slimming Detox 

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Support your lymphatic system with our Inner Goodness Patches 

  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, processed foods and sugar

  • Choose collagen-supporting foods such as bone broth, nuts, seeds, poultry and fish

  • Take a collagen-boosting supplement such as our Formula Z


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