Taking Care Of Your Lymphatic System

in Nov 25, 2020
Not sure what your lymphatic system actually does or why it’s so important?
Our lymphatic system is one of our first lines of defence for our immune system and for detoxification. It works by collecting and carrying toxins, bacteria, excess fluid and damaged cells away from tissues in our body through lymph fluid. This fluid is then transported through an intricate network to our lymph nodes where it is cleaned by our immune cells, and the toxins and waste products are broken down and arranged for elimination from our bodies. 


Sadly, much like our immune and detox systems, our lymphatic system can become overwhelmed with toxins. These toxins come from the food we eat, our environment, our cleaning products, our stress, our cosmetics, and everything else that we put in, on or around our bodies. 


An overwhelmed lymphatic system slows down our natural detoxification process, becomes inflamed, burdens our immune system, and can also lead to a slow in weight loss results. This makes us feel run down, fatigued, get sick and hold excess fluid. It can even cause cell damage that leads to cancers. Yikes! 


But don’t get caught up in the negatives, there is plenty we can do to take care of our lymphatic system: 


  1. Use our Inner Goodness Patches regularly - They’re specifically designed to help support the body’s lymphatic system with the right herbal remedy to reduce inflammation, reduce fluid retention and support effective lymph clearance

  2. Drink plenty of water - Dehydration is one of the most common causes of lymphatic congestion. Drinking sufficient water throughout the day encourages healthy lymphatic function and reduces water retention 

  3. Strip back your diet and remove toxins with a Body Slimming Detox 

  4. Get moving - Exercise helps to improve blood flow which helps to transport toxins more efficiently into the lymphatic system for elimination

  5. Reduce animal products - But keep your protein intake up

  6. Try manual lymphatic drainage - A lymph-drainage massage or with dry body brushing


By making these important practices a part of your regular routine, your lymphatic system will have the best chance at keeping your body clean and clear of toxic nasties, and help to prevent distress and illness from even getting started.


Remember it’s better to prevent and defend, than treat and have to mend. 


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