Dry Body Brushing

in Sep 24, 2020

You might’ve seen this aromatherapy-derived practice in the beauty magazines, with celebrities raving about it - but it’s not just a beauty practice, it has amazing health benefits and is just the thing to boost your detox!

Dry body brushing is the practice of using a natural-bristle brush to exfoliate the skin before showering or bathing. It helps to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as support your immune system. When used as part of a daily routine, dry body brushing can help smoothen the skin, strengthen collagen and even boost your energy levels.


So how does dry body brushing fit into your detox?  

Lymphatic Drainage — body brushing, like massage, stimulates circulation - assisting the movement of lymph fluid and reducing fluid retention. Proper lymph fluid drainage is important to remove waste products from the body, reduce the impact of infection, ensure a healthy immune system and eliminate toxins. Use this technique alongside our Inner Goodness patches for a sure-fire way to reduce excess fluid and boost your detox

Appearance of Cellulite — we women understand more than anyone how frustrating and unsightly cellulite can be. Dry brushing helps to break down the fatty deposits that cause cellulite and reduce the associated fluid retention. This helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving your skin looking smooth and plump

Exfoliation & Rejuvenation — body brushing gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead and dry skin cells. This leaves the skin feeling supple and fresh. It’s also fantastic at helping cleanse and unblock pores, unearthing and reducing ingrown hairs, and is particularly useful for those with keratosis pilaris (a buildup of keratin in the skin causing pimple-like bumps). Couple this with our Formula Z and your skin is sure to glow

How to use a dry body brush:

  • Use your body brush on dry skin before showering

  • Begin brushing the skin on the lower half of your body, starting with your feet. Brush in upward strokes towards your heart. Be firm but be sure not to brush too hard to avoid scratching your skin

  • Move up your body - brushing your legs, bum, hips, belly, chest and arms

  • Use circular motions around you joints, belly and armpits

  • Once finished, rinse off in the shower and pat your skin dry

  • Finally, apply a good quality moisturiser to rehydrate and soothe the skin

  • Repeat every day for the best results







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