Bring Spring Back Into Your Home

in Oct 12, 2020


Bring Spring Back Into Your Home

Spring has finally arrived! The warm change in the weather, the birds chirping beautifully, the flowers well and truly blooming. And you know what that means? Time to clear out the cobwebs and the clutter. 

This time of year is the perfect time to refresh your surroundings and make way for the sunshine. Let’s be honest, we’ve hibernated for long enough. Decluttering makes way for us to be more creative, feel calmer in our own space, and removes the winter blues from your home. 


Find out all about how to detox your home from top to bottom here: 


But cleaning and decluttering is only the half of it. Once we’ve got a clean slate to work with, the other half is bringing life and vibrance back to your home… we could all use it after the year we’ve had. 


Bring nature inside with some indoor plants: 

They’ll detoxify the air, bring those natural colours we crave into your space, and they liven up any room. Having indoor plants can even help you better manage stress by appealing to our ancient connection with nature. Pair plants with woven baskets and light-toned wooden accessories to give your home an earthy soul. 


Put away those wintery tones and splash your home with colour: 

Think yellow cushions, pink throws, colourful bedspreads, flowers on the hall table, bright new artworks. A change in colour can make you feel more energised in the mornings and more motivated throughout your day. It’ll also help you see your space in a more positive light by breaking out of the wintry gloom. 


Freshen your home with the smells of citrus: 

Diffusing lemon, lime, orange or mandarin essential oils can help with concentration and give you home a sense of brightness. You can also use them as natural cleaning products to give your home a fresh, clean scent all the time. 


Change up your food shopping: 

Who doesn’t love juicy fruit or a crunchy salad on a sunny day. Give your gut microbiome a boost by adding in some sorely missed fresh springtime fruits and vegetables. Plus you get the added bonus of clearing out your fridge to make way for more fresh & healthy produce. 


Whether you’re starting a new Detox journey this spring or not, jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon. You’ll be amazed how motivating your surroundings can be and you might just inspire the whole family to think healthier. Share with us your tips and tricks for spring cleaning in our private Facebook group today: 


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