123TEATOX Bag Bundle + Program Booklet

Revitalize your body with our Liver Detox, Fat Burning, and Colon Cleanse teas. Each tea is designed to support your health journey from morning to night.
Liver Detox Tea: Start your day with a mug of healing herbs to support your liver and overall wellness. Feel refreshed and free of toxins with every sip.
Fat Burning Tea: Enjoy a sweet and comforting blend throughout the day to curb cravings and boost your mood. It helps your body naturally burn fat while keeping you energized.

Colon Cleanse Tea: End your day with a soothing cup to help your body cleanse and relax as you sleep. It promotes peace of mind and emotional well-being.

Each tea is made with natural, organic ingredients and is the perfect addition to your Detox.

How to Use:

Liver Detox Tea: Drink before meals or whenever you like.

Fat Burning Tea: Enjoy anytime for a mood boost or digestion support.

Colon Cleanse Tea: Drink before bed for a peaceful night's rest.

For any enquiries, feel free to call us on 1800 787 628 or email our lovely team.

View our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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