Pre-Detox Course


Do you want to get the absolute most out of your detox, absorb as much information as possible, and create truly ingrained life-long positive change? Then our SBN Pre-Detox Course is for you!

This accelerated program has been lovingly packed with golden nuggets of the most updated research, proven techniques and implementable activities to help you expand your knowledge, create real change, and have fun along the way!

This 10 module program will help you prepare your mind, body and lifestyle for detox; giving you the best foundation for success! You will receive around 4-5 hours worth of detailed and indispensable practitioner knowledge, as well as actionable tips and activities to inspire long term positive change!

*NOTE: This is an online course that contains downloadable activities. Upon purchase you will be granted with 12 months access.

Throughout our Pre-Detox Program, you will be stepped through our Slim By Nature 7 Pillars of Detoxification Health, and learn how optimise each in the lead up to your detox! Our SBN Pillars of Detoxification Health include:

-Input (food and drink)

-Output (Channels of detoxification: Liver, Lymphatic System, Skin, Respiration, Kidneys, Circulatory System, and Bowels)






Each Pillar includes up to 7 lessons and 5 downloadable interactive activities to help solidify this transformative information. We have also included a BUMPER BONUS- Everything you need to know about hunger and cravings. Here, we dive deeper into appetite, stress, hormones, binge eating, and pragmatic techniques to reduce hunger, cravings and emotional eating.

This course includes:

✓ 4-5 hours of self-paced online learning

✓ Mobile access

✓ Research-based content developed by experts in the field (Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Education Specialists, Learning Designers)

✓ 14 Detox-related Lessons

✓ 14 Interactive downloadable activities

✓ A BUMPER BONUS with 7 topics and 7 implementable tips

Module 1: Welcome to Slim By Nature!


-Overview of the course

-What is a Detox?

-What does a SBN detox involve?

Module 2: How to THRIVE- Introduction to SBNs 7 Pillars of Detoxification Health:

Module 3: Pillar 1- Input

-Lesson 1: Food (text)

-Input Activity 1 (PDF)

-Lesson 2: Water (text)

-Input Activity 2 (PDF)

-Input Activity 3 (PDF)

Module 4: Pillar 2- Output

-Output Overview (Text)

-Lesson 1: Liver (text)

-Output Activity 1 (PDF)

-Lesson 2: Lymphatic System (text)

-Output Activity 2 (PDF)

-Output Activity 3 (PDF)

-Lesson 3: Skin (text)

-Lesson 4: Respiration (text)

-Lesson 5: Kidneys (text)

-Lesson 6: Circulatory System (text)

-Output Activity 4 (PDF)

-Lesson 7: Bowels (text)

-Output Activity 5 (PDF)

Module 5: Pillar 3- Mind

-Lesson 1: Mind (Text)

-Mind Activity 1 (PDF)

Module 6: Pillar 4- Sleep

-Lesson 1: Sleep (Text)

-Sleep Activity 1 (PDF)

Module 7: Pillar 5- Social

-Lesson 1: Social (Text)

-Social Activity 1 (PDF)

Module 8: Pillar 6- Environmental

-Lesson 1: Environmental (Text)

-Environmental Activity 1 (PDF)

-Environmental Activity 2 (PDF)

Module 9: Pillar 7- Movement

-Lesson 1: Movement (Text)

-Movement Activity 1 (PDF)

Module 9: BUMPER BONUS: Everything you need to know about cravings and hunger!



-Cravings and Appetite

-Emotional Eating

-Binge Eating

-Habitual Thinking and Context Associations

-Suppressed Thoughts & Emotions

-Seven Techniques to reduce Hunger, Cravings, and Emotional Eating

-Address Potential Nutrient Deficiencies

-Wait out Hunger

-Ensure Sufficient Fibre Intake

-Consume Protein and Healthy Fats

-Feed your Beneficial Gut Bacteria

-Increase the Appearance of Food Volume

-Consume a Balanced Diet:

Module 10: Conclusion

Our Pre-Detox Course contains 10 modules of self-paced online learning. Please allow for 4-5 hours to complete the course, depending on time spent completing the interactive and downloadable activites.

For any enquiries, feel free to call us on 1800 787 628 or emailour lovely team.

View our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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