Personalised Meal Plans


Our Personalised Meal Plans are carefully created by our Nutritionist to suit YOUR individual needs and tastes to perfectly complement your detox! 

Whether you are too busy to plan and cook, have allergies or intolerances, or just enjoy the simplicity of following a step-by-step guide – this personalised meal plan is for you. A Personalised Meal Plan eliminates any potential excuses for failure, and gives you the best environment to achieve the results you want and deserve. 

Unlike the meal plan sample provided in our Detox Guides, this comprehensive plan is bespoke to YOU. Once your purchase has been confirmed, our in-house Nutritionist will be in contact to tailor an easy-to-follow guide that will meet the Body Slimming Detox Phase 2 or Phase 3 guidelines. 

Note: Please allow a minimum of 4 business days for personalised meal plans to be developed and finalised before it is ready to be sent to you. 


-Receive professional guidance

-Great for those with allergies/intolerances/dietary requirements 

-Well suited to those with a busy lifestyle

-Alleviate the stress of ensuring you meet daily food requirements

-Creates ease and convenience whilst on the Detox or Maintenance

-Gives you the opportunity to have a tailored and personalised Detox experience


​​After purchasing your Personalised Detox or Maintenance Meal Plan, you will receive an email from our in-house Nutritionist providing you with an option for a phone consultation, or correspondence via email. 

Our Nutritionist will discuss your dietary needs, allergies/ intolerances, food preferences, go-to cooking methods, and time availabilities. This information is then used to create your bespoke meal plan! 

After gathering this information, our Nutritionist will put together your Personalised meal plan, which you will recieve as a PDF via email. Please allow a minimum of 4 business days for personalised meal plans to be developed and finalised. From here, you can process through your Detox or Maintenance Phase with ease, knowing that a truly unique meal plan is there to guide you to success!


Once our In-house Nutritionist has gathered information on your specific food requirements and preferences, you will receive a detailed bespoke digital meal plan (emailed to you upon completion). This will include:

-A weekly shopping list

-A personalised Meal plan

-Bonus extra tips


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