New Formula Z+

The First TGA Approved Weight Loss
& Sleep Tablet.

Formula Z+ Limited Edition 30's Pack


We’re thrilled to introduce the future of health and weight loss: our NEW elevated Formula Z+! 

✓ Helps increase Weight loss

✓ Increases sleep quality, refreshing sleep, decreases restless sleep*

✓ Promotes skin health and collagen formation

✓ Improves immunity

So, why wait? Embrace our NEW elevated Formula Z+ now to streamline your successful journey towards enhanced health and well-being!

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New Formula Z+

After two years of dedicated research and development, we're thrilled to unveil Formula Z+. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolution. We've transformed our top-selling Formula Z powder into a pioneering supplement that stands alone in the Australian market. With its user-friendly tablet form, enhanced natural ingredients, and TGA endorsement, Formula Z+ is set to redefine wellness.


🌿 Convenience Reimagined: Switching from powder to tablets, we've simplified and quicker your daily wellness routine.
🌿 Enhanced Efficacy: With the addition of potent ingredients like Mosoril, Hops, and Passionflower, we've amplified the benefits.
🌿 TGA Approved: We're proud to be Australia's first and only supplement with TGA endorsement for such a diverse range of benefits.


🔥 Weight Loss: Powered by Morosil, a potent extract from the Italian Citrus Cinensis Moro Orange, Formula Z+ supercharges calorie burning and weight loss. No need for specific diets or exercise regimens. Experience up to 7.5x more weight loss and 10x more waist reduction!
🌙 Sleep: With Passionflower and Hops, Formula Z+ ensures you get a deep, refreshing sleep. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day.
🌟 Immunity & Skin: Boost your immune system and enhance collagen formation for radiant skin. With Formula Z+, you're not just feeling good; you're looking good too!


Tablets offer unmatched convenience, and consistent dosing, and are perfect for those on the go. Plus, they can be easily integrated into any medication or supplement routine.


At SBN Wellness, our commitment goes beyond wellness. We're dedicated to the planet too. That's why Formula Z+ is:
✓ GMO-Free
✓ Cruelty-free
✓ Gluten-free
✓ Vegan-friendly
✓ Australian-Made
✓ Eco-Friendly (with sustainable packaging and ingredients)


- Weight Loss: Boost weight loss, support calorie burning, and maintain a healthy body weight.
- Sleep: Improve sleep quality, reduce time to fall asleep, and calm the mind.
- Skin & Immunity: Enhance collagen formation, boost skin health, and strengthen immunity.
Our blend is a precise concoction of evidence-based ingredients, including Magnesium, Passiflora incarnata, Humulus Lupulus, Glutamine, Calcium Folinate, Vitamin D3, Hesperidin, Glycine, Chlorella Vulgaris, Ascorbic Acid, Lysine, and the star ingredient, Morosil.
Take two tablets 20 minutes before bed with water or as advised by your healthcare professional.


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Can I take Formula Z+ while doing an SBN Detox? 
Yes! Formula Z+ is the perfect accompaniment to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals while completing an SBN Detox. The ability of Formula Z+ to increase calorie burning and enhance weight loss will help you along your Detox journey. Plus, the additional benefits of enhancing sleep (reducing time to fall asleep, reducing restless sleep, increasing deep sleep), improving skin health & collagen formation, calming the mind, improving immunity, promoting healthy muscle function and reducing free radical damage will help you achieve your holistic health goals!
Can I take Formula Z+ while not detoxing- will I still lose weight?
Yes! Studies show that the hero weight loss ingredient of Formula Z+, Morosil (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck), works to significantly increase weight loss! In fact, Morosil supplementation has been shown to produce 7.5x more weight loss in those following a general healthy diet, compared to those not taking Morosil following the same dietary intake.
How does Formula Z+ help sleep?
Formula Z+ contains two potent, highly-researched sleep herbal medicines with sedative (sleep inducing), calmative (calming), and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) benefits:
Hops (Humulus lupulus) and Passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata). Traditionally, these dreamy herbs are considered to have a synergistic relationship: they produce even more potent results when used together than the sum of their separate parts. 
Why does Formula Z+ contain Hops and Passionflower and not Valerian?
For Formula Z+, we have consciously chosen to exclude Valerian due to the 10-20% of people that report feeling as a stimulating effect from Valerian Supplementation that significantly hinders their ability to sleep, rather than improve it (some report that they feel as thorough they have had 10 coffees, rather than feeling sedated and sleepy).
Will I wake up feeling groggy after taking Formula Z+?
Alarmingly, about 80% of people who take prescription sleep medications experience side-effects like oversleeping, feeling groggy and poor concentration.
Formula Z+ is non-drowsy and does not result in grogginess. Additionally, Formula Z+ is TGA indicated to increase REFRESHING sleep. 
Why Morosil for Formula Z+?
Throughout the extensive research process involved in the creation of Formula Z+, we did not find a single weight-loss ingredient with more potent effects than what Morosil is shown to produce! Morosil is an all-natural ingredient derived from the juice of a unique cultivar of Moro red oranges (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck), and has been shown to produce 7.5x more weight loss and 10x more loss around the waist compared to placebo (those following a healthy diet and exercise protocol with no Morosil supplementation)
How does Formula Z+ increase weight loss? 
Morosil (the Key ingredient in Formula Z+ for calorie-burning and weight-loss) is scientifically proven to aid weight loss by specifically targeting the metabolism of fat cells (adipocytes), which reduces the adipocytes ability to accumulate fat. Morosil supplementation has been shown to inhibit fat accumulation & significantly enhance the overall weight loss of those following healthy energy-targeted diets.
How does Formula Z+ target the waist so well? 
In placebo-controlled trials, those taking Morosil (the hero weight-loss ingredient of Formula Z+) lost 10x more cm around their waist compared to control. The human body tends to store additional excess weight around the waist and central organs; cross-sectional data shows that visceral fat (around the waist) increases over 200% in men and 400% in women between the 3rd and 7th decades, which is also linked to risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Therefore, it is no surprise that the fat-inhibiting and weight-loss benefits of Morosil has such a profound effect on the waistline.
How long until I see results from Formula Z+? 
Research indicates that the sleep ingredients in Formula Z+ (Hops and Passionflower) can begin to produce positive effects anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks). For weight loss, studies show that benefits were evident after about 2 weeks or supplementation, and are the most significant after 4-12 weeks*
*When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise (including an SBN Detox Program)
How long can I take Formula Z+ for?
In general, the duration for which you can take any supplement depends on various factors, including your individual health status, any underlying medical conditions, changes (including improvements) to your health, medications you may be taking, and your overall wellness goals. Therefore, we always recommend consulting your health care professional for personalised advice.
Can I take Formula Z+ while pregnant or breastfeeding? 
Do not use Formula Z+ if you are pregnant, likely to become pregnant, or lactating.
Can I take Formula Z+ if I have a medical condition or am on other medication?
Please consult your medical professional to see if this formulation is appropriate for you.
Can I take Formula Z+ while I am on other medication?
Please consult your health professional before taking Formula Z+ with other supplements. It’s always best to be guided by your health professional to assess if each formula will be suitable for your individual needs, and to ensure you’re not exceeding recommended daily intakes of certain nutrients. Our Customer Support team are always happy to assist with more information. Please feel free to email us at
I’m allergic/ intolerant to gluten and/ or dairy. Can I take Formula Z+?
Do not use Formula Z+ if you are pregnant, likely to become pregnant, or lactating.
I am vegan: Can I take Formula Z+?
Yes! Formula Z+ is a completely vegan supplement. It contains no animal ingredients or derivatives, and is cruelty free.
Why is Formula Z+ a tablet instead of a powder? 
Formula Z+ has been developed into a film-coated tablet for 5 key reasons:
✓ Convenient  
✓ Avoids challenges with taste and palatability 
✓ Able to be broken or crushed if preferred 
✓ Precise and consistent doses 
✓ Practical for travel 
Is Formula Z+ suitable for men too?
Yes! Formula Z+ has been developed to benefit men, women and everyone. Please follow the instructions provided on the label, and consult your health care professional for personalised advice suited to your individual needs.