Challenge Terms & Conditions



All terms and conditions comply with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (Guide to Category 4 Promotional Games).


  1. All entrants must be over the age of 18.
  2. All entrants must be residing in a country that Slim By Nature delivers to.
  3. All entrants must have registered to participate in Slim By Nature’s Detox Challenge.
  4. All entrants must ‘like’ the official Slim By Nature Facebook Page.
  5. All entrants must be a part of the Slim By Nature Private Facebook Support Group.

General Terms

  1. Participants must post regularly about their journey in the Slim By Nature Private Facebook Support Group. This includes posts about their;
  • Overall emotions and experience
  • Meals
  • Weight check-ins, twice a week
  • Weekly measurement check-ins
  • Weekly Photo check-ins

  1. Each Sunday following the commencement of Phase 2, an announcement will be made by an SBN Team member, once this has been posted, Challenge participants will have the following Saturday at 10pm to post their weekly update. Participants must post weekly measurements in the following format:

P2D7: - Xkgs

Start weight: X kgs

Current weight: X kgs

Total Weight loss: X kgs

Total cm loss: X cm

*Participants will have until Monday at 10pm to post this information. 


P2D7 = Phase 2, Day 7

P3D9 = Phase 3, Day 9


  1. Posts in the Slim By Nature Private Facebook Support Group must include the hashtag #NewYearChallenge

  1. Participants must post a photo of themselves in the Slim By Nature Private Facebook Support Group before beginning the Challenge, on or before the 27/01/2024. 

This photo is to be taken in a plain clothes, with no logos or offensive writing, in natural lighting.

  1. Participants must post a photo of themselves in the Slim By Nature Private Facebook Support Group after completing the Challenge, on or before 08/04/2024

Progress Photo Guidance:

  1. All photos must be in a natural, relaxed pose with the full body in view, on a blank wall, and in natural light.
    1. Arms are to be down by your side for the front on images
    2. Arms are to be slightly out to the side for back profile images to best see the waistline transformation.
  2. Photos taken must include;
    1. Front-on image (including your face is optional)
    2. Back-profile image
    3. Side-profile images (both left and right)


  1. Prize winners will be drawn in ascending order, on 12/04/2024 at 10am AEST via Facebook Post in the Slim By Nature Private Facebook Support Group. Winners will be notified via Facebook post. 
  2. Results of the Challenge will be published across Slim By Nature social media channels and EDM Newsletters.
  3. Winners will receive their prize within one month of the decision
  • This does not apply if the winner agrees, in writing, that it can be delivered more than one month later or after making all reasonable efforts, Slim By Nature cannot locate the prize winner.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place will include but are not limited to: SBN Vouchers, Products from Local Australian Businesses. 


  1. Challenge winners will be determined by participants’ adherence to the program, activity in the Facebook Group, and support and encouragement of other participants.
  • Final weight loss will not contribute to the determination of winners. Slim By Nature places the utmost importance on the overall transformation and journey.
  1. At the end of the Challenge, finalists will be chosen by the Slim By Nature Team based on their contribution to the community and adherence to the terms over the entire 3 phases. 

Social Media Channels

Official Facebook Page:

Official Instagram Page:

Facebook SUPPORT Group:


General Notes

TO WIN, you must interact within our Private Facebook support group and follow the general terms of the challenge. This includes progress photos, measurements, regular posting and encouragement. Winners will NOT be chosen based on weight loss as each body is different.

We are so excited about this Challenge, and we can’t wait to see you achieve some incredible results. We are here for you every step of the way, because when women help women, we can achieve incredible things. 

Lots of love,

Zhanna Gee & the SBN Team!