SBN Detoxes 101: Everything you need to know about SBN Detoxes and where to begin

in Oct 6, 2022

SBN Detoxes 101: Everything you need to know about SBN Detoxes and where to begin.

Welcome to Slim By Nature! We are so happy that you are here reading this blog- it means you’re one step closer to achieving your health/wellness goals and leading your most radiant life- that's fantastic! 

Maybe you’ve heard about SBN but want to know more? Or maybe you’re dying to begin one of our Detoxes but aren’t sure which one to choose? No matter where you’re at, this blog is designed to deepen your understanding of the SBN Philosophy and values, explore our amazing detoxes, and to help you decide which is best for you!

So let’s jump right into it..


Award winning health brand

Who is SBN?

SBN is a multi-award winning Australian brand that has spent over 10 years helping clients achieve the lives they desire, and we’re ready to do the exact same for you!

Our SBN Detox programs have been consciously crafted by a collective of leading industry experts (Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Homeopaths) to produce life-changing results. We spend a minimum of 12 months developing, testing, and refining every formulation to ensure the most efficacious result is achieved. We invest in the use of potent and bioactive ingredients that are based on the principle of ‘Nature meets Science’. Our powerful blends bring together the wisdom of traditional therapeutic ingredients with the efficacy of Evidence-based plant actives (highlight this somewhere). 

What Results might I achieve?

We are proud to have created a weight-loss and health-enhancing solution with a 99.9% success rate. Achieve your goals by simply following our straightforward programs exactly as they have been carefully designed.

This SBN Detox Program is a truly holistic detoxification that not only promotes rapid and lasting weight loss, but also activates essential detoxification pathways, eases hunger and cravings, promotes deep cellular rejuvenation, supports lymphatic and other eliminatory organs, balances hormones, and more. 

How? By enhancing CYP450 enzymes to supercharge both Phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification, stimulating thermogenic lipokines, balancing insulin and blood glucose levels via GLUT-4 and other transporters, and reducing inflammatory markers via interleukins, TNF-alpha, COX and other pathways. 

As a result, our programs produce a host of incredible health benefits:

Weight Loss | Reduced Cravings | Boosted Energy | Glowing Skin | Deeper Sleep | Improved Digestion | Optimised Gut Microbiome | Happier Moods | Eased Pain | Enhanced Cognition | Optimised Blood Tests

Which Program is Best for Me?

When deciding which SBN Program is best suited to your body, lifestyle and goals, there are three key points to consider: 1. Your weight loss goals 2. How active you are, and 3. Weather you’d prefer patches or drops. 

 1.Your weight loss goals:

Your goal will help determine the duration of your detox. In general, we recommend the following: 

-Up to 7-10 kg of weight loss= 30 day program

-Up to 15kg weight loss= 43 day program

-Up to 20 kg of weight loss= 60 day program

-Over 20kg of weight loss= begin with a 43 or 60 day program, wait 4 weeks after completing maintenance, then complete another round of detox until you achieve your goal. 

 2.How active you are: 

Our original detox programs do not require intense exercise to produce results, however, any light-intensity exercise is suitable (and beneficial for your overall health) while on our original detox. This includes walking, yoga, light swimming etc. If you participate in high intensity exercise that lasts for at least 40 minutes (e.g. Crossfit, longdistance running, boxing, F45, heavy resistance training, etc.), then you will need to select our active detox, which has been designed to produce rapid and lasting weight-loss while also supporting athletic performance and recovery. 

12 starter pack Patch

3. Patches V drops:

Our SBN drops and patches both work to promote fat burning, support detoxification/ elimination channels, and balance cravings/blood glucose. Therefore, they both produce similar results when used in conjunction with your Detox program! The only difference is personal preference: some prefer the convenience of only having to replace a patch once per week, whereas some like to take their drops before each meal to feel more connected to the detox process. The choice is yours! 

We have created a flow chart to help you determine which program is best for you (based on the information above). You may also like to complete our Quiz: Which SBN Detox Program is right for you?

 What are the 3 Phases of an SBN Detox? 

SBN Detox Programs all follow a calculated 3 step process combining the use of our potent Detox Drops/Patches with a targeted nourishing food plan. Each step fulfills an essential goal within the overall process and is paramount to ensure success.

 Phase 1- Loading (2 days):

Loading Phase has been designed to prepare your body, mind and environment for the Detox and Fat Burning Phase that follows. This 2 day period helps to stimulate higher metabolic rate, bolster glycogen energy storage (to help support the body's needs during P2 Detox and Fat Burning), and stimulate digestive and liver functions by adding to their load. It also gives your body a chance to absorb the potent ingredients of your Detox Drops/Patches to start boosting your body's ability to burn fat, eliminate toxins, and balance hunger and hormones before embarking on the Detox and Fat Burning Phase of the program.


                                     Phase 2- Detox & Fat Burning (30, 43 or 60 days):Customised Meal Plans

During the Detox & Fat Burning Phase, intake of food is optimised and quality is increased to promote rapid and lasting results, while also prioritising nutritional intake. This is the phase where you will experience the bulk of your weight loss and other amazing benefits, such as enhanced energy, balanced hunger and cravings, deeper sleep, improved digestion, and more!

 Phase 3- Maintenance (21 days):

This final phase is ESSENTIAL for locking in results and solidifying healthy habit change. Phase 3 Maintenance involves slowly increasing caloric intake in order to gradually rebalance hormones and metabolic rate and to boost metabolism after a period of fat loss. This in turn locks in your weight loss and ensures you continue to maintain results post-detox.

 What will I receive with my SBN Detox Program? 

Once you have selected and purchased your SBN Detox, you will receive an initial confirmation email, and then shipping and tracking information once your order has been processed. All of our orders are shipped via express post, so you will not have to wait too long to receive your package! Your detox program will include:

-Phase 1&2 Detox Drops or Patches

-Phase 3 Maintenance Drops of Patches

-A complete Detox Guide (which includes our Approved Foods List)

-Additional included (and free) products, which vary depending on your exact detox program. For example, our 60-Day Accelerated Detox includes Formula Z and a FREE Craveless. 

 How can I achieve and sustain the best results possible?

All SBN Detoxes are designed to produce truly life-changing results through a program and products that are both research-based and all-natural. All you need to do is follow the program to join the 99% of people who experience incredible success on an SBN Detox! If you are looking to go the extra mile to prepare for your detox and optimise your results even further, we recommend the following must have options to enhance results and to create life-long positive change:


Pre-Detox Course:

Our accelerated Pre-Detox Course has been developed by experts in the field to supercharge your detox results! This 10 module program contains 4-5 hours of  the most updated research, proven techniques and implementable activities to help you prepare your mind, body and lifestyle for detox; giving you the best foundation for success! It is a must before beginning your detox.

 Post-Detox Blueprint

Our Post-Detox Blueprint has been developed with the essential information needed to help you live a long, healthy, vibrant life; a life where you do not stress about the best way to eat, move and live! This is your blueprint for the life you deserve, one where you can continue to enjoy your amazing detox results long into the future- healthy body composition, more confidence, higher energy, better sleep, enhanced digestion, boosted mental clarity and cognition, and so much more! This blueprint will provide you with evidence-based information and actionable tips to help you optimise 3 key areas of a long healthy life: Lifestyle, movement and nutrition. It includes recommendations and personalised calculations for long-term optimal food intake, blood glucose reculation techniques, sleep hygine checklist, stress-management tips, fasting, reducing toxin exposure, and much more!  

 We hope this blog has been helpful! If we can assist you further, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or phoning 1800 787 628

 CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE OUR QUIZ: Which SBN Detox Program is right for you?