Michelle T's Slim By Nature Video Review

in Sep 4, 2017

Please meet Michelle.   Michelle started researching the Slim By Nature Body Slimming Detox Program back at Christmas 2016 but was initially skeptical about joining the program.

Michelle joined the free SBN Body Slimming Detox Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/bodydetoxcleanse/ and observed other SBN clients successfully dropping the kilos - and loving it..

As with many other clients, Michelle had tried many other "weight loss" solutions.   Michelle was inspired to join the Winter Detox Challenge & managed to lose the first 6 kgs in just 3 weeks.   Backed by the support of the SBN Family, Michelle went on to lose 19 kgs over the course of the 10 week challenge.

Well done Michelle!

Hi, guys. My name's Michelle.  I just wanted to take a couple of minutes just to let you know about my journey with SBN and what's actually been going on and how I was feeling beforehand and how I'm feeling now and what my successes have been and just basically what my journey has been like.

So, I started looking into SBN at Christmas time and my weight was the heaviest I've ever been, even when I was full term pregnant.   I was 98 kilo and absolutely terrified that I was going to hit the 100 mark.   For all my adult life, I've always been sort of between 65 and 70, which is something that's comfortable for me.

So, I started to look for something that I could do to lose the weight and I spent money on so many different things and tried so many different things and my weight would just yo-yo up and down all the time.  Did absolutely nothing for me.  I was just sitting down over the Christmas holidays, and a SBN advert came up on my Facebook.  So, I clicked on it, had a little read through, and sounded really good, but I was very skeptical that it was just something else that I would spend money on and it may not work.

I had a read through, and they had a link that you could join a Facebook group of ladies that were already on the program. So, I decided to ask to be added to that and started to watch what the ladies were doing and how it was working for them, and I started to get really inspired.

These were real people that were on the journey. It wasn't people trying to sell anything to me. I was actually just watching their successes, and it started to get me really excited and made me want to do it.

So, I wasn't ready to commit straight away. I pretty much watched for about two months and in that time, I started to get my head around eating healthy, because I was just addicted to sugar. So, I watched what the ladies were doing, I started changing things in my own diet, and I lost about five or six kilos on my own in that two months.

And then, I bought the product.  I did the first 3 weeks, so 21 days, and I lost just under 6 kilos. I started to feel really good and I knew that this was working and I felt really supported by the ladies in the group.  If you're having a bad day, the ladies will lift you up. If you're having a good day, they are excited for you. So, when you have your losses, they are so happy that you're having those losses, it's just great having people doing that for you. And when you're feeling really low and you don't feel like doing it, they give you encouragement, and that's something that I needed. I wasn't getting that from anybody in my day-to-day life, but I was getting it in the group. And in turn, by giving other people encouragement, it lifts you up. It makes you feel so good that you were able to change somebody's day and help them feel better about themselves as well.

I decided to do the challenge this time around because it holds you accountable. You have to do your daily weigh-ins, you have to tell all the ladies in the group whether you've lost or gained. It sort of keeps you honest. And then, every Sunday, you do your photos, your weight, and your measurements.

So, not only do you get to see the results but also, you are accountable to all the other ladies that are in the group. I have...got no hesitation to tell anybody that wants to lose weight to get in on this group, even if you just want to get your mind better. If you only have a little bit of weight to lose and you just want to boost yourself up and start to feel good about yourself, this group does that for you. This product does this for you. I haven't ever known anything. You take these drops, and the weight comes off.  It's amazing. It just works.

I am going to do it again after this program because when I started, obviously I had 33 kilos to lose.  Overwhelming number. But now, I've only got, I think, 14 kilos to go, and I'm not finished the program. I've still got another three weeks to go. So, whatever I end up at the end, I'm going to have a little break, and then I'm going to come back and look at getting rid of the rest of it. This program is amazing. If you're on the fence, just give it a go.